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James Thos Dyer Butler of Mr W T H Phelps
Stow Hill
of Newport
Says That on Monday
I heard a report in Newport that the Chartists
were coming down from the Hills on
Morning last I heard the Chartists
Sunday last to take Newport I was on
the look out Sunday ... and Sunday
night but they did not come. About
were coming down from the Hills
8 O'clock on Monday morning last I heard people
running down Stow Hill saying the
to take Newport that soon after
Chartists were coming shortly after &
saw a large Mob I shd think upwards of 2000
8 o'clock & heard a noise of people
coming down the Hill there were ten Men
in front with flannel jackets they appeared to be
coming down Stow Hill I went into
Colliers and then the Body came about 3
Deep marching like Soldiers I was [?] looking[*]
My Masters Garden which looks into
my master's dining Room with my ...[?]
and the Cook We saw the prisoner John
the turnpike Road that I saw a
Lovell whom I knew marching with the Mob
he had a single Barrel Gun in his Hands
great many Men armed with
as he passed he looked up at my Masters House
and seeing me [?]thru the window beckoned
Guns, Pikes Sticks and other Weapons
his Hand and said Come along Dyer
and marched on . I did not go out of the
... Marching [?] down ... the
House till the firing was over and every
thing appeared quiet The Mob appeared
Hill like Soldiers_____I saw ______Lovell
The prisoner to be armed with Pikes Guns
Hatchets Cleavers & ...[?] shears I saw
Marching with them he had a Gun
an old man amongst the Mob with a
Mandril or some such weapon He
He hallowed out to me and said
is one of the men ^ now laying dead. It
Dyer .
it is the same man that was
laying opposite the mayors House

[*or ?? 'working']



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