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Regina v[ersus] John Lovell
William Jenkins of Newport Grocer and Parish
Clerk of Saint Woollos - I am Special Constable
on Monday morning the 4th Nov[embe]r last I was at
the Westgate Hotel- About 9 o'clock I saw a
large number of men armed with various weapons
turn round the corner at the bottom of Stow Hill
and come in front of the Westgate Inn - I know
John Lovell well - I saw him amongst them -
there were about 30 or 40 before him - he had a
Gun in his hand - which he held sometimes in
a threatening manner - but not exactly presenting it
I was looking at the mob from the window of the
Coffee Room - he was nearly opposite the front door
when I saw him - Immediately after I heard the
firing and left the window and retired to a safer
part of the Room - I should think the firing
continued from 10 to 15 minutes - One spear was
thrust through the window and one Ball went
into the ceiling - as soon as the firing was over
I went into the passage over 5 dead bodies and
went to my own house opposite-
_________________W[illia]m Jenkins



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