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Jenkin Morgan's Case
applies also particularly to John Frost

Maria Harper sworn says - I am the wife of William
of Pill Gwently in the Borough
of Newport - I know the prisoner Jenkin Morgan he lives in
Pill Gwently- I live a very small distance I suppose about 100
yards from him- He is a Milkman and Chandler by Trade
I believe he supplied me with milk up to the time of the riots
at Devizes and during about six months before - I remember
to have heard of the Riots at Devizes - I remember having
conversation with the prisoner about that time - he called at my
House and I said Mr.Morgan I understand the Chartists
have been defeated at Devizes, he said, I understand they
. I said that they could not expect any other, the people
of Devizes were very quiet and did not wish to be interrupted
by them, he said I know who you are for, you are for the
Locusts that eat up the fat of the Earth
. I said no far
from that, I said that my Husband always voted for --
reform but would never Countenance rebellion- He rose
his arm in a very Great Passion, and said, he would like
to see every one that would not join the Chartists, mown --
down like the Grass
. He pointed to me and said "you" he
was about to say more but did not - I told him perhaps
he might be mown down before me, and desired him that he
would not bring any more Milk to my House he then -
said he did not care for that, and I said no perhaps not
for if he wished to see me mown down like the Grass that
he would like to put something in the Milk to do me an
injury- he then left the House and I have never spoken
to him since- The Devizes Riot took place some time
in this Year
. I can't tell the time when, I got the
information of the riots at Devizes from my Son whose
name is William Welsford Harper - He is appointed
at the Merlin Newspaper Office, in this Town- I discon-
tinued taking Milk from of[f] the prisoner from that time-

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