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him yesterday here If I don't speak the truth I go to Hell if I do
speak the truth I expect to go to Heaven I never was on that
principle to think there was no God or a Devil I hope I shall
never see one that is neither - It was in the Evening past - about
dark on Saturday when I saw the prisoner- he was then coming
towards Pill from Town here - I did not tell the prisoner then
that the Chartists were coming down on Monday morning -
I did not then know anything about it - My Wife was at
Home when I state the prisoner came to my House on Sunday
night -- She went went to Bed on Sunday night, She was up when
the prisoner called at my House, I have known the prisoner
more than twelve months - I can't tell the name of the man
who left the field with me - the man who called me on --
on Monday morning lodged at my House, I can't tell his
name because I only saw him once or twice when I came
down - I was a Watchman some time on the Tram road
for the Coal Company When I came up towards the Court
y Bella Machine
I saw parties coming from the Town -
I did see a Benjamin Davies from the Fleur de lis at the -
- I don't know that he was wounded in the arm
When I went up to the Machine I had no arms - I had a
stick which I gave to Mrs Morgan of the Machine - She asked
me to go and see what was going on and I asked her to
take my Stick I had only that one Stick - The persons
in the field called the prisoner Captain - he was Captain of
ten men - they were all through the Town the same the prisoner
said - When the prisoner called at my House on Sunday
I had no Candle, he told me to keep no light at all - I am
quite certain as to the pike I saw the prisoner carry-
________________ The mark X of Morgan James



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