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[top right margin:-]50
Mary Jenkins sworn states I am the wife of Morgan
of Pillgwenlly he is a Blocklayer I remember Sunday
the third November Ins[tan]t the Sunday before the Riot I know
prisoner Jenkin Morgan he lives next door to me I went
to bed about 10 o'Clock that night After I went to bed I heard
a knocking I heard a knocking before I went to bed - I
knew it was in their house I heard them stir the fire
After I went to bed I heard a knocking again I was
very much alarmed I thought someone was breaking
into the House I awoke my husband And I said I
thought there was someone Breaking into the House he said
he thought not otherwise the Little Bitch would Bark I did
not see the Prisoner at all that night I did not see
him until about half past 8 on Monday morning I saw him
come into the House with a Milkpan in his hand and I
and I saw him go out again with it in his hand He did not
speak in my hearing I have not seen him^ since until to day
I was always in the habit of taking Milk from him ever
since he lived next door and before he came there He
was always in the habit of bringing the Milk himself
Night & morning He has not brought any Milk to
my house since that Monday morning the 4th November
I have not seen him since I never remember him
staying away before excepting for a day when Vincent's trial
was going on I have seen his wife since -- Had
he lived at Home since that time I think I must
have known it- Previous to the 3rd November I have
been in the habit of sending my servant for Milk
xd __________ [mark of ] Mary X Jenkins

[with a note in upper left margin and two vertical lines against lines 6-8]
Vide Herring
& Brickley's
as to fixing on
the Pikes which
no doubt occasioned
the noise.



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