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Moses Scard sworn says I live at Pillgwenlly - I am
a Police Officer - I know the prisoner he sells Milk he
supplies our House with Milk - I remember seeing the
Prisoner a little after Vincent was taken - I said to him
I don't hear much about the Chartists now - it is
all over with them - I said so to him because I remembered
he was a Great Chartist - He said "Oh no it is not - You'll see
one of these days what the Chartists will do
" I saw him
last on Sunday before the Riots he called at our house about
8 o'Clock every morning - I don't know that he ever
missed - his Wife comes now since he has been gone - I
did not see the Prisoner from Monday morning the 4th November
until he was apprehended I have been trying to apprehend
him all I could
xd ______________Moses Scard



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