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Frost ordered the Guns to the front to prove them he
ordered the pikes on next I ran up to Mr Frost and said
to him In the name of God what are you going to do
are you going to attack any person or place he said Yes
that they would attack Newport and take it He said he
would blow down the Bridge to Stop the Welsh Mail
proceeding to Birmingham
he said there would be Delegates
at Birmingham to wait the mail for an hour and a half
after time and if it did not arrive there in an hour and
a half after time it would be the signal for them to attack
Birmingham and it would through the north of England
Scotland and all the Nation - On hearing that from Mr
I said he might as well lead us all to the Slaughter
House- I told him it imitated a Butcher leading a flock of
Lambs to a Slaughter House- I said to him for Gods sake
desire the men to return to the Hills - he asked me if I thought
so and he turned away from me with a very scornful look
I thought - I tried all the way down to make my esp escape
I then found an opportunity of escaping with great difficulty
I dont know the prisoner as I passed through the Crowd
I said to the men I thought it better to retire I am not
in custody upon any charge that I know of - I have
been examined by Mr Edwards & Mr Prothero before I came
into this Room as to the facts I have stated I was so
examined at the Workhouse and at this House likewise
it was this morning at the Workhouse by Mr Edwards and
since, here by Mr Prothero - I am not a prisoner
xd __________________ James Hodge



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