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Reg[in]a vs Jenkin Harper Morgan

Maria Harper Wife of W[illia]m Harper
saith that Jenkin Morgan served / with /
me with milk at the time the Chartists
at Devizes were defeated ^ I had heard

[^ text interlineated :] /I saw the Prisr who ...
served me with milk /[?]

the Chartists were defeated at [ D]evizes
that they were defeated and
that there were peaceable [?] Inhabitans
and knowing that Prisr was a
Chartist [?] hard I was glad
that they had been [?] Resd In I know
what you were . You are one
of those that would support
those the locusts that eat up the fat of the bread of those [the]
who Earth. I s:d no far from
that / ... / my Husband / ... / always
voted for reform but he wd
never sanction Rebellion He
got into a great passion. I Shod
like to see every one that wod
not gain the Charter Mown
Down like the G...ss Grass And you
lifting his Hand I shod like
to see you & every one who wod
not join the Charter mown down
like the Grass & you & he was about
to say something more and I told him
not to bring no more milk to the



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