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and it will best to assume
that it is in Moneythusloyne
making the additional
description incorrect
as there appeared a
difference of Opinion
upon the Bench upon
the point- The Lord Chief
Justice [*]
being in favor
of the objection but the others
inclined to consider the
^ first description complete &
sufficient but acceeded
to the opinion of the Ld Chief
as a point of some
little doubt & wishing
probably to render Frost s
^ Case as free from objection
and doubt as possible
which may not be considered
so important in any other
Case. It may be deemed
worth consideration what
course to adopt to get
James in the Box again
& to support his description
& Whether Proof of his
paying ^ being Rated at
St. Woollos would
Strengthen his Case
Jenkin Morgan James like
all Colliers livi working

[*The Rt Hon. Sir Nicolas Conyngham Tindal, LCJ (- ) ]



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