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[top right margin:-] 68
Morgan James of Pillgwenlly
saith Jankin Jenkin Morgan came
to my House with some other
men came to my House
about 10 o'clock Sunday night
3rd Nov[embe]r. He said James come
along you must come along
with us. He was Captain of 8 of
us, we went with him
over the Newport Bridge and 1000 were
to be stationed at Etheridge s
on the Caerleon Road
We had all Pikes one Man
had some Bullets. The Chartists
were to come from 4 diff[eren]t
quarters - Stow Hill, Salutation
Pontypool & Chepstow The
Chartists were to come to
Town about 7 O'clock Sunday
night. They were all to be
at their post at that time.

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