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Mary Jenkins wife of Morgan Jenkins
Beerhouse Keeper states -
On Sunday about 10 o'clock I and my
Husband went to bed - I had before that
heard a knocking in the House of Jenkin
and several times during the night
the house noise awoke me I could
not sleep well for it - Next morning
about 10 o'clock I saw Mrs Jenkin
she seemed very much in
trouble - I asked her if said why Mrs
you have been up all night she
said Why yes we have - that my husband
was gone out about 6 o'clock Sunday
Evening to take their children to
Castletown & he did not comeback till
6 o'clock the next morning that she had
been up all the night. I told her I had
been troubled a good deal and could
not sleep and asked that she had been
knocking a good deal - She said she had
been breaking coal and had been up
every bit of the night- she and I stood
in front of our house by the Door she
began to cry when she heard the People
(Chartists) coming by the Courty bella

[left margin line 6] J. Morgan



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