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Regina v Jenkin Morgan
Phineas Sims Sergeant of Police in the Bristol
force states living in
of the parish of Saint James
in the City of Bristol and County of the same City

states that Police Officer States that -
About 2 o'Clock on the afternoon of Thursday
the 14th November last I received information that
Jenkin Morgan against whom a Warrant had
been issued ^ for High Treason was at the House of [blank space] King who kept
the Bunch of Grapes in High Street Market- I
proceeded to that House and from the description I
had received of him, I saw a man in the tap
Room answering to the description I had received
of Jenkin Morgan- I went to him and asked
him his name- He said "Morgan Jenkins"- I
said I wanted him and he must walk with me-
He drank up his Beer and went with me to the
Station House - Three of four Gentlemen came
in who who knew him to be Jenkin Morgan-
I asked him again if his name was not Morgan Jenkins
alias Jenkin Morgan
- he said it was not- I then entered
his name in the A Charge Sheet as Morgan Jenkins
alias Jenkin Morgan
- I asked him his residence-
He refused to tell me stating that he should say
no more until he came upon his trial- I
then told him I kn It was nothing customary
when taking ^ stating a charge to set out the residence
of the Prisoner- He then said that he resided
at Swansea - I asked him if he did not reside
at Pillgwenlly- He said no he had not lived



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