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The Queen v[s] John Morgan

Richard Lewis - Special Constable
ofTredegar - States that he was sent
by Mr. Homan Superintendent of Police
to take charge of John Morgan the
Prisoner who was wounded from a ball
in the Thigh in the Chartist Riot
Newport the Prisoner of his own free
will and accord began telling me the
whole of the affair that took place
in Sir Charles Morgans Park and Newport.
That Mr. Frost first met the Mob
that he Morgan was with ^ him in Tredegar
and he began to curse them for
being so late and not coming sooner
he then told them to come on as quick
as possible Mr. Frost then picked out
the men with the Firelocks to lead them
to Newport, the Prisoner Morgan was
close to Mr. Frosts side when they walk-
ed by the side of the Westgate. Morgan
saw a gentleman standing at the door
Mr. Frost ordered them to fire at the
after they fired Mr. Frost
ran away and that he in running



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