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[top right margin:-] 87
[top left]
Special Commission}
held at Monmouth the}
10th December & adjourned to}
the 31st December 1839 -}

[top right]
The Queen
Thomas Morgan
For Conspiracy & Riot

Brief for the Prosecution

[in left margin - against the following paragraph:-]

For conspiring on 1st October and other days at Saint Woollos
with others to make insurrections &c and obstruct the Laws and
prevent their due execution and to procure arms for more effectually
carrying into effect the conspiracy - That Prisoner with others on
1st November assembled armed with Guns &c and made a great riot
and broke open divers Dwelling houses and beat and illtreated divers-
liege subjects & seized and took divers quantities of arms and therewith further
armed themselves against the peace &c

[in left margin /against the following statemet:-]

For conspiring to make insurrections obstruct the Laws and prevent their
due execution-

[in left margin /against the following statement:-]
3rd Count

For a Riot.

[at foot/ circled] 1



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