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clothes off my father and my father asked him what he did
it for, the same man held the spear to my father and
struck it against the wall by the Bed, my father asked
his name :: he said his name was touch me not  :: catch
me if you can- " Another of the four men that came into
the room, he was a tall man, then came up to the Bed
close to my father and played his fingers before my fathers
eyes, he almost touched his eyes --- the same man came
to me and desired me to rise, and I got up and put on
my clothes and as the men were talking to my father I ran
down stairs and went into the cellar - neither of the four
men threatened me but one of them the short man put
the spear he had in his hand at my father and seemed
to strike him with it - one of the four men that were in
the Bed room was called by the others Thomas Morgan
and the prisoner Thomas Morgan is that person- he
did not do anything while he was in the room :: he had a
spear in his hand  :: I cannot say that the prisoner
William Morgan was one of the four men in the room - --
When I got into the cellar the servant Girl locked the Door
her name is Margaret Perry- I heard the men come down
stair's and heard cry out where is the prisoner and asked
for the Key of the cellar and said they would break the
Door if they could not have the Key, the cellar Door was
unlocked and the tall man that was in the Bed room
came down and told me to go up, he held a Candle in one
hand and a Spear in the other and he looked to see if there
were any more in the cellar. I went up to the Kitchen, the
three men that were up in my Bed room were there, one
of them a very short man[*] took hold of me and shook
me and asked me if I would go, that he had me safe-
he had a hay pike in his hand and I was taken
out by him and the other three men came out of the
house immediately after - he took me across Ponty gove
and gave me up to the prisoner Thomas Morgan
he was ordered to keep me safe - he had at that time a

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[* with an addition/annotation marked faintly in pencil : this possibly reads ' No 6 ' ]
[lines 3-7, 16-18, 28-30, are highlighted with vertical lines in left margin]



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