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spear in his hand- I went with him towards Ebb/o/w Vale
leading towards Newport- the three other men
came along, there was no one else- they took me down
the Road to the Company's Shop- before we got there
some more men joined us, some of them were armed ^
[interlineated above] with spears, I think about eight of them were armed
the armed men called those that were not armed prisoners-
I was walking with the short man ^ No.6 who had a piece of
light coloured ribbon round his left arm - the other men
called him number 6 and the prisoner Thomas Morgan
was with me - I had my arm in his- I asked the
prisoner Thomas Morgan to let me go free he said
was afraid to do so he was bound to do what the others
said, he was afraid to be sticked if he did not do what
they ordered him - I think there were about twenty men
at this time- I and the prisoner Thomas Morgan
were behind- I was crying and the man called No.6
he came to me and I asked him to let me go free as my
father was blind- he said he had authority to let me go
free- he had consulted with the prisoner Thomas Morgan
and they would let me go free and ordered me to be down
flat on my face - I did so and when I thought they
were gar enough off , I got up and took to my heels - I did
not know either of the three other men that were in the bedroom-
I knew one of the other men that were in the Bedroom
joined us - his name was David Morgan a Carpenter- he
had no arms with him- he appeared a prisoner- I did
not see William Morgan there - I am certain that Thomas
was one of the four men that came to my Bedroom
and was the person who had the care of me after I was
taken out of the house, he was armed with a spear-
it was a very wet night - I went down the road leading
to Newport about half a mile before I got away - it was
near the Ebb/o/w Vale Forge that I got away. Call.

____________________________________ Thomas Williams

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