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Sirhowy Bridge - the night they went to Newport the night
being dark I could not see who they were - I am quite
sure it was on the Sunday night they rose - I was
glad to bundle home to my own house being afraid
they would press me and take me with them.

Thomas Williams of Tredegar Shopman & abiding at the House
of Thomas Parry at Tredegar states - On Sunday Evening the 3rdNovr last I was
at the Lamb Beer House at Ebbw Vale kept by Wm Adams my father lodge there.
He is blind - Between 6 & 7 that evening about 20 or 30 men came into the house
They had some beer & paid for it- They were armed with spears pikes & such like
they staid about 10 minutes - about and hour after another party came, had beer and
went away - they were also armed - I did not hear any conversation - One of
the first party told me, if I did not hide I should be forced to go with them
I therefore went with my father into an inner room, my grandfather and
grandmother, Richard Samuels and his wife were also there - and the Landlady
locked us in from the outside- My father & myself went to bed about 1/2 past 11
When we had been there about 1/2 an hour 4 men came into the house & asked
in Welsh whether there were any men in the house & said they had authority to
search the house- I did not hear the answer - Immediately afterwards
I heard men coming up stairs and Mrs Adams came into my father's bed
room with a Candle & the 4 men with her - She said there is no one here
but a blind man and a boy - One of them William Morgan came to the
bed & pulled the bed clothes off my father and myself - My father asked him
what he did that for, that he had been ill 3 or 4 years was a cripple & blind
My father also asked him what his name was - William Morgan answered
-"my name is touch me not catch me if you can" - One of the other men
then came to the bed and told me to get up and at the same moment
William Morgan held a spear at my father-

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