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to take them search the house - I did not hear
the answer- Immediately afterwards I heard
men coming up stairs & Mrs Adams came into
my Father's Bedroom with a candle & the 4
men with her - She said - there is no one here
but a blind man and a boy - One of them
William Morgan came to the bed & pulled the
bed clothes off my father & myself - my father
asked them what he did that for, that he had
been ill 3 or 4 years was a cripple & blind -
My father also [asked] him what his name was - then
Wm Morgan answered "my name is touch me
not catch me if you can" - one of the other
men then came to the bed & told me to get up &
at the same moment my of another of the men
^ Wm Morgan held a spear at my father.



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