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Thomas Arthur aged 10 years Blacksmith says
my father is dead - I worked with him when living - I
abide with John Owen of the Parish of Aberystruth
Blacksmith - I lived with him 4 or 5 months - my
mother lives in Cardiff - no one else but I and John
work in the Shop - I knew Mr Trew the
Shop belongs to him - I saw John Owen making
things he called Stay nails for two or three days - I
I didn't know what they were for - I never saw such
things before - he was making them two or three days
before they did rise - (the Chartists) - he made a good
lot - 50 or 60 - I never saw any one come to the shop
but Mr Trew may have come in - John Owen was
making them all times of the day - It was two or three
days before the Chartists rose that John Owen was
making the Pikes - the pike produced is like those
he made - he filed them at the edges & called them
stay nails - John Owen was at work all day
before the Chartists rose - I heard him say that he
& his Brothers were going to Llangunninder on the
Sunday before the Chartists rose - John Owen
did not work in the Shop the week before the Chartist
rising - He told me he was going to Merthyr as his
Brother was married but I never heard his Brother
was maried - John Owen told me the Pikes which
he called stay nails were for John Hopkins at the
Victoria Works Carpenter - I did use to ask him
what they were for & he used to say they were for
fastening Shelves up to the walls at the Company's
Shop. - I never saw stay nails like them - I
never saw any of them in the Shop after John Owen
went away when the Chartists rose

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