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John Thomas sworn states: I am a miner
at the Beaufort Works and live in the parish of
Llangattock Crickhowell in the County of Brecon - I
remember Sunday the 3rd Novr I know David Jones
he lives at Beaufort he is a Shoemaker. I and David
went to Llangunnider that afternoon - we went there
to run away from the Chartists because we were informed
as they was going to raise that night, that was the only
reason - We ran away so as we should not be took
away with them - I went to Chapel that afternoon with
David Jones at Llangunnider - I know a Beer house
called the Lion
we went there that afternoon - I saw the
prisoner there, he is a Blacksmith - he had a table
before him when I saw him - he had the form of
three manner of the Chartist pikes , they were drawed
with chalk upon the table David Jones said to the
prisrwhat was that as he had on the table? the
prisoner said it was the pattern of Chartist pikes, he
said he had made 53 of these - he said he had
taken them up to the Rasso Lodge - he said he
had a shilling a piece for them - David Jones
asked him did not he sell them very cheap
he said no he did not - David Jones asked him
could he be of the conscience to make such things
as these and David Jones did say perhaps to kill
his own neighbour and his own family as well, the
prisoner said as he was forced to do them - David
did ask why he do like that and run away
after - the prisoner said as he would do very well
he said if they gain the Victory at Brecon as he
would run his pike into a Sheep or a Fowl to get
some blood on it and then it would shew that he
had held with them before, he would put some
blood on it so as he would show that he had

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