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persons to the Jurors for the purpose of the same being
used for the more effectually carrying the said conspiracy
combination confederacy and agreement into effect agst
the peace of our sd Lady the Queen her Crown and
Dignity -
and the jurors afsd upon their oath afsd do
further present that the said John Owen heretofore to
wit on the sd 1st day of Novr in the year of our Lord
1839 afsd & on divers other days & times between that
day and the taking this Inquisition to wit at Aberystruth
afsd in the Coy afsd unlawfully did produce & make
divers to wit 50 pikes & deliver the same to divers psns
to the Jurors unknown with intent & for the purpose
of the same being used by such persons for the
more effectually making & raising insurrections tumults
riots and breaches of the peace within this Realm and
obstructing the execution of the Laws against the peace
of our said Lady the Queen her Crown & Dignity -

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