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David Jones of the Parish of Llangattock Crickhowell
in the County of Brecon
Shoemaker states
I know the Prisoner - he is a Blacksmith - I know John Thomas
of Beaufort - (the last witness) - I remember Sunday the 3rd Novr last - I saw
John Thomas that day - I was with him that afternoon - we went together to
Llangynnyder - we went there to start from the Chartists for fear they would
take us along with them - I did hear the Chartist was to rise that Sunday the
3d Novr - I know a House called the Lion - I went to Chapel that evening with
Thomas - after we went to Chapel we went to the Lion - we saw the Prisoner
there, he was sitting down in the Kitchen, he had a Table before him - I
saw before him on the Table a Drawing of three different Spikes made with
chalk - I did ask the prisoner who did make them, he said that he did -
he made 53 of them
- I asked him what they were for - he said for Chartist
- he said he had made them for the Rasso Lodge - he said he received
53s/ for them - that is a shilling a piece - he said the people at the Rasso Lodge
paid him that - the Rasso Lodge is a Chartist Lodge - I asked him if he
did not sell them too cheap, he said that was enough for them - I asked him
what was the reason he did do them - I asked him if he made them to
kill our neighbours or our family [he said he was forced to do them] I did
not say any thing more about that, he said he had heard 3 at the Rasso
say - they were enough to kill Mr Summers Harford Mr Rosser of Ebbw
and the Policeman - Mr Rosser is cashier at Ebbw Vale - He said that
if the Chartist would gain the Victory at Brecon & the next places
Abergavenny & Newport that he would put his spike in a sheep or some fowl
& when he did follow the Chartists that they might know that he did kill a
man - put it into somebody Some lot of people did rise that night - I don't
know what they did call themselves - I & John Thomas went afterwards to another
Public at Languynder where we staid that night - I did not take much
notice but of one of the Drawings - I did not hear him say what the
Chartists were going to do with the pikes - One of the Drawings
I saw was like one of the pikes now produced -

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