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Moses Scard states - I am police officer
of the borough of Newport in this county - I remember
the 4th day of November last - the day of the Riots
I saw a great number of men come in front of the
Westgate Inn on that day armed with Guns Swords
pistols pikes and various other weapons - after
the Riot was over I saw the men as they were
running away throw down their weapons upon the
ground - I picked up about 150 different weapons
the greater number were pikes I should say about
100 pikes - I marked one of the pikes with a cross
cut out of the handle with my pocket knife - which
I produce also a Dagger which I produce the
other pikes were like those now produced - I took
the weapons I picked up to the Market Boat
on Stow Hill
- and afterwards removed them
to the Westgate - I also picked up several
mandrels I should say 6 or 7 and amongst
them the one marked "126 Rock Colliery" which I
took to Mr Hopkins Superintendent of police - on
Monday morning Matthew Pembro gave me several
pikes which he had picked up in different places.
___________________________Moses Scard



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