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Reg v. Owen
Thomas Arthur aged 10 years Blacksmith says
My father is dead - I worked with him when living - I
abide with John Owen of the parish of Aberystruth in the
County of Monmouth Blacksmith - I have lived with
him 4 or 5 months - My Mother lives in Cardiff - No one
else but I and John Owen work in the Shop - I knew Mr
- the Shop belongs to him - I saw John Owen
making things he called stay nails for 2 or 3 days - I
didn't know what they were for - I never saw such things
before - He was making them 2 or 3 ^ before they did
rise ( the Chartists) did rise. He made a good lot - 50 or 60
- I never saw any one come to the shop but Mr Trew may
have come in - John Owen was making them all times of
the day - It was 2 or 3 days before the Chartist rose that
John Owen was making the pikes - The pike produced
is like those he made - He filed them at the edges and
called them Stay nails - John Owen was at work
all day before the Chartist rose - I heard him say
that he and his Brothers were going to Llangynnydwr
on Sunday before the Chartists rose John Owen did
not work in the Shop the week of the Chartists rising
He told me he was going to Merthyr as his Brother was
married - John Owen told me the pikes which he called
Stay Nails were for John Hopkins at the Victoria Works
- I did use to ask him what they were for
fastening Shelves up to the Walls at the Company's Shop - I
never saw stay nails like them - I never saw any
of them in the Shop after John Owen went away when
the Chartists rose. -

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Witness will produce
a pike which he
has made as a

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lines 23-26]



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