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Regina Versus John Owen
Thomas Arthur states - I lived with John
he was a blacksmith and my master
two or three days before the rise of the chartists.
On Sunday 3rd November I saw my master
making things like the ones I saw with
Mr John Trew and Mr Homan the
Superintendent of Police they were very
like that one, only my master had not
got so much shoulder and tapered
more in the socket and had three
holes in each side my master John
made them at different times
he made about fifty, he told me he was
making stay nails for John Hopkins
carpenter the Spear was about ten inches
long with a socket about three inches
for nailing on to wood, my master
told me if any one asked me what he
was making to tell them he was making
Stay nails for John Hopkins of the new
works whenever he made them he took
them in his apron to his house and
I don't know what became of them -
I have seen hundreds of stay nails made

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