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different Spikes made with Chalk,
I did ask to the Prisoner who did
make them, he said that he did make
53 of them. I asked him what they
were for, he said for Chartist Pikes,
he said he had made them for the
Rasso Lodge, he said he received 53
shillings for them, that is a shilling
a piece. he said the people at the
Rasso Lodge, paid him that. the
Rasso Lodge is a Chartist Lodge.
I asked him if he did not sell them
too cheap, he said that was enough
for them, I asked what was the
reason he did do them. I asked him
if he made them to kill our neighbours
or our family, he said he was forced
to do them. I did not say anything
more about that, he said he had heard
three at the Rasso Lodge say,that they
were enough to Kill Mr.Summers Harford
Mr Rosser of Ebbw Vale and the -

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