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Muskets and other weapons in their attack
upon the Westgate - the Soldiers fired upon
the Mob. I saw some dead bodies after
the firing had taken place. I saw nine
dead bodies altogether, those were bodies of
persons composing the Mob. I was not
in the Westgate House, there were some special
Constables in the Westgate, two of them were
______one was wounded
wounded ^ with a Pike - several Pikes and
several other weapons were picked up after the Mob
had left the Westgate.
________________ Stephen Rogers

Taken before us ~
Octavius Morgan
Saml Homfray
James Coles
Geo Hall

The Prisoner states I am perfectly free
from the charge and I thank God that I
am free. I had drank a Good deal of Beer
and one and the other were questioning
me, and I did say some things to them
that may be on their guard like my self



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