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Reg v John Owen

John Thomas of the Beaufort Works Miner -
& David Jones of the same place Shoemaker -
_______________afternoon about 3 O clock
severally say - On Sunday Evening the 3d Novr ^
_______our houses
we went from ^ our houses to after noon Chapel
to the Lion Beer house atLlangynydr to be out
of the way of being pressed by the Chartists who we
had heard were going to meet that night - we
went to Chapel there & after the service we went
to the Lion beer house there - We went into the
Kitchen - the
^ Prisoner who was sitting down with a table before
him - On the table were 3 pike the drawings
of 3 different shapes of pike heads in chalk .
________________________________at the time
There were about 6 persons in the room ^ besides
the Prisoner & ourselves - the name of one is Edwd
____a Miner at the Beaufort
[*]Charles ^ we do not know the others by name but
should know them again if we were to see them -
____________________meaning the chalk drawing
David Jones asked Prisoner what those things meant
_________the patterns of
He said they were ^ Chartist pikes - & that he had made
53 of them & had brought them up with him to their
Rasau Lodge in Breconshire & they that he received
53/- for them - David Jones said he let them have
the pikes very cheap - He said 1/- apiece was enough

[* Edward Charles]



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