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[top right margin] 42
Regina v Johnathan Palmer

[indented left]
John Lewis - of Newport I am a Block Layer
Between 9and 10 o'Clock on Sunday night the
3rd November instant a party of Men having
a sort of pike with them came to the House
in which I live - I live on the second
floor - adjoining my apartment in the
same House Johnathan Palmer rented
an apartment of three Rooms - I was
sitting in my Room in company with a
lodger of the name of David Evans who
is a Hallier at the Castle Brewery. My
Room Door was shut - some one from
the outside opened it and threw it wide
open - I got up from my chair and
went to the door to see who was there
not seeing anyone at the door I proceeded
on to Palmers door - It was open
I looked into the Room and saw it full
of people - They appeared to be ^ all men -
some of them had long sticks turned
at the point for the purpose of receiving
spikes. I saw also several spikes
in their hands ready to screw on to
the sticks - one of the men in the
Room I saw James Wall , and a man
whom I have since been told is called
Patrick Hickey in the Room. I also
saw Johnathan Palmer there - I
saw about twenty or thirty men there -
it was a small Room - It was not a
Bed Room - I heard Johnathan Palmer
ask for a Bible - He came out of
the R his own Room and went into
my Room with the Bible in his hand
he said as he passed me it is good to make
safe " -

[ written in the left margin- alongside lines 6 & 7] Jonathan Palmer [ alongside line 10 ] David Evans [ alongside line 25 ] James Wall [alongside line 27] Patrick Hickey



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