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I stood in the passage - I could not see
what was doing in my Room from where
I stood - I was standing in the passage -
In about 3 or 4 minutes Palmer returned
from my Room and went into his own
I then returned into my own Room - I
saw David Evans there - In about three
minutes after several voices sung out to
me from the passage "you must come
along - I begged of them to let me
stop - They said no - but asked if I
had any Gun in the House - I said no
nor any of thing of the Kind - They
forced me out of the House - Before
I left the House I was sworn -
Johnathan Palmer swore me - He
gave me the Bible - I took it in my
right hand - He then said the hour
is nearly come - you take this
Bible in your hand - I refused
for some time - He said I stood in
my own light very much - I said
I should be thrown out of my employ -
He observed - I run agreater risk than
you for I have a Wife and family -
I then kiss'd the Book - at the time
I took the oath I was in the middle of
the Room - as soon as I took the oath
we all left the Room and went
down stairs - I went with them
so far up the Canal up Pynes Row
to the Tram Road - Palmer waswith
was then with us. He acted as leader
he walked in front. We proceeded



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