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[top right margin] 45
[top of page/ centre - in pencil]
Regina v Palmer
___" ___Hickey

John Pollock I am a Dock Laborer -
I live near the Dock - on Sunday night
the 3rd November instant I went from St
Paul's church
to my Lodgings - It was
about 8 o'Clock when I left the church-
I had my tea and went to Bed It was
about 9 o'clock when I went to Bed- About
five Two six other men, Patrick Hickey, James Murphy
John Murphy, Patrick Glynn, and Mr Delaney
slept in the same Room as I did - They
were all in Bed when I went to bed - I was
the last- About half an hour after I was
in bed I heard a tap at the door - I heard
the door open - I heard a strange voice
say " call Patrick Hickey up" - My
Landlady Mrs Glynn sung out at the
top of the stairs -" Mr Hickey there's some
one wants ye" - Hickey got out of bed and
went down stairs having previously
dressed himself. I got out of bed - and
went downstairs to light my Candle -
I saw two men inside the door - Hickey
went out with the two men and the
Landlady shut the door - I then returned
to Bed leaving the Candle burning -
about half an hour after I heard another
tap at the door - it was again opened
by my Landlady, Mrs Glynn - I
heard a man's voice down stairs
telling Mrs Glynn to call us up -
he said " call up all the men that's in the House " - She again came to
the top of the stairs and said " Get
up Lads - you're wanted" meaning

[in top left margin/ in pencil ]
q where
& who is the Landlady
Mrs Glynn



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