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Before she called us I heard her say what good
would two men that's drunk be to you and the boy is
^ of no use myself and the other Lodgers - ^ I got up
and so did all the others in the Room -
we went down stairs - when I got
down I saw several men in the Room
I should know them again if I were
to see them - My Landlady said to
them - these men meaning the other
Lodgers are drunk and this Boy
meaning myself is of no use to you
one of them said "Its no odds - they
must go along with us" - We went
outside the door - There were a great
many men there - We were taken
along the Canal near and stopped
at a house near the Brick yard
I should know the house again- We
were directed to go up stairs into a Room -
I saw a Man and woman in the Room
who were at Supper - It was a sitting
Room - There was no bed in it - I
should know the Man again - He had
a pimple or wart upon his face - He
said to Patrick Hickey "Swear in
these Men" - Hickey refused saying
"if it was necessary he was to should swear
them in himself" - The Man
then said "Where's that book" - a Book
(apparently a Bible) was then produced



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