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voice inside - I said Partridge open the Door " he said
I am gone to bed" I think his voice came from the first room
I entered - when he said "I am gone to bed " I said get up
and open the Door for if you don't I shall force open the door
I was attended by Mr Stephen Rogers a grocer of this Town
I put my shoulder against the door and forced it open - I
heard the Iron which appeared to fasten the Door fall down
inside - as soon as the Door was opened I saw a person
standing within 2 yards of me inside the house whom
I found to [be] Mr John Frost - Mr Stephen Rogers laid hold of
him by the collar of his coat on one side and I on the
other - we both said Mr Frost you are our prisoner " he
said very well will go with you directly" I said No we
are not prepared to take you now you must wait a little
Mr Frost retreated to the fire place - I saw Partridge in the same room with Frost when I opened the door - he was not undressed and could not have been in bed when he answered me that he was in Bed - there was not time for
him to have dressed - I told the prisoner that we were
come to search for manuscripts - he took a candle and
showed me into an adjoining room and gave me two files of
Manuscript papers which were brought into the room where
Frost was - Whilst I was viewing the papers Mr Frost
came unto me and asked me by what authority I took
the papers. `I told him I did not think it necessary to tell
him by what authority I acted - he told me if you expect
to find any of my manuscripts here you will be
disappointed - I told him I did not expect to find these
there as I had found them elsewhere and secured them
already - Charles Walters was also in the same room
in the corner with Frost and the prisoner - We also took Walters into custody - Frost and Walters were brought down
to the Westgate Inn and searched - 3 pistols with powder
flasks and Bullets were found upon Frost and 4 pistols



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