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powder flasks Bullets and Lucifer matches were found
upon Walters - The pistols had caps on - Some were
primed and appeared to be loaded - Frost was very wet and
appeared to have been out - he asked to be allowed to dry
himself - he told me that he had taken his Trousers off
and had borrowed a pair of the Prisoner - he asked to
be allowed to go into his house which I refused but offered
to send for anything - he appeared to be much harassed and
fatigued - I Approached the prisoner thinking he was
harbouring Frost and Walters who were there for the
purpose of concealment - His hesitation to open the door
and his stating that he was in Bed which I considered
impossible led me to apprehend the prisoner - it was
impossible for the men Frost and Walters to have been in
the prisoners house without his knowing it - the house
is a very small one - the prisoner did not say that
he did not know that Frost and Walters were there
I found upon entering the house the prisoner John Frost
and Walters were in the room together.
X By the pris r. When I opened the Door the
prisoner had his coat and Stockings off - I saw him
put on his Stockings in my presence - The prisoner
Partridge's house is situated in the Lane near Pentonville in the Borough of Newport-
_____________________Tho s Jones Phillips



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