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[top right margin] 58
Frederick Wood sworn says - I am a Printer - I know
the Handbill now produced - It was printed in the Merlin Office
The copy came into Office about 4 O'clock in the afternoon - On
Monday last the 4th November about 50 of them were printed before
about 5 O'clock and between 4 and 6 O'clock 150 more - 200 were printed
in the whole - I delivered about 20 of them to Michael Daley
a Boy in the office - It was just before 5 O'clock I delivered them
to the Boy - I delivered them to the Boy to post up about the Town
_____________________ Frederick Wood
[in left margin] [?]Cut

Michael Daley (sworn) I am a Sticker of Bills for
the Merlin Office I know the Bill now produced - I received about
20 of the same Bills from the Merlin Office on Monday Evening last
about 5 O'clock for the purpose of being stuck up about the Town -
I know the Prisoners (e) house - He lives at the top of Pentonville - I
stuck up the Bills - I stuck one up about 100 yards from the
Prisoners (f) house - It was light when I posted up that Bill - There was a
Gas Light at the corner - There was no Gas on then - When I posted it
there were a great number of people to read it - They were reading it aloud
and one man said there was enough of that sort put up - I did not see
people collecting and talking about it - I did not see the Prisoner (g)
that day that I know of - I am employed by the Merlin Office to stick
up papers about the Town - The mark of X Michael Daley

[in left margin]
(e) Partridge
(f) Partridge
___[?] Cut
(g) Partridge

[at foot] 10 [encircled]



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