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[top right margin] 59
[in left margin/ pencil annotation]
Partridge's defence
the [?] MS & Wm Legg's evidence
for P. 3/4 [?]MS omitted

The examination of John Partridge was renewed the
next day as follows

Thomas Jones Phillips's further examination ( being
again sworn) -- Frost lives in High Street in the Town of Newport
He has a Garden at the back of his house - I understand there is a
communication from Frost's house to Pentonville - Frost's house is about
4 or 500 yards from the back of part of the Prisoners house at Pentonville
By the front it is about 5 or 600 yards - It was quite as easy for Frost
to have gone to his own house as to the Prisoner's - The printed paper
I produce is the copy of the Manuscript I compared with the one in the
prisoner's possession - The written alterations in the printed paper are
alterations made to ^make it correspond with the manuscript - This is the paper
upon which a criminal information was moved for and a Rule Nisi obtained
against John Frost last Trinity Term &c
___________________________________ Thomas Jones Phillips

[in left margin/ pencil annotation]
To be added to
former proof

[above second deposition/ centre of page in pencil ] 5
[in left margin of this deposition] 5

William Welsh ^ of Newport[*] Labourer born at Wondy [? Wern ddu] in this
County now living with his father John Welsh of Newport Laborer
I was coming up Charles Street in Newport in the morning the
Chartists came to Newport about 9 or 10 O'clock in the morning
when the mob armed with pikes Guns and all sorts were going
down the Hill. I saw John Partridge (whom I have known
a good bit) clapping his hands and hallooing out "well done my
boys" - One of the men asked him "Where are the Newport Chartists"
he said "they will be here directly " he was standing by the fire
Tree close to the Red Lion I was close to him. He had on a
White Hat and blue coat - I saw John Partridge next day
hand cuff'd going to the Westgate - I am sure it was John Partridge
I have seen him many times at the Barbers Shop near the Westgate
I have heard his name often.
________________ the Mark of
_____________________ X
_______________ William Welsh

[at foot/ pencil annotation]
What is Wm Legg 's
Evidence ?


[* in pencil/ faint]



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