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[top right margin] 61
[top centre of page /above the first deposition] 2
[in left margin of first deposition] 2

John Morgan (Sworn) I am a Grocer living in
this Town - I know the Prisoner John Partridge's person - I
I have known him many years very well - I recollect to have seen
him on the morning of Monday last about 8 O'clock at the end
of the Cross Keys Lane opposite Mrs Harry 's - I heard him
address a person that was with him - I was near enough distinctly
to hear what Partridge said to that person - That man's name
is Charles Evans - Partridge told Evans that he would meet
him in 25 minutes from that time at the Waterloo. The Waterloo
is at a short distance from the weighing machine in the same
It is near the Tram road leading from the Collieries
^ and the Ironworks
to this Town that is the direct road from the collieries
and the Hills to the Town of Newport - I did not see any parcel
with him - I am quite sure that which I have said is true
- I named it to Mr Jacob Nicholas Junr at the time - He
stood with me at the time
xd _______________________John Morgan

[written in left margin against second deposition] continued from last page
[ written above second deposition/centre of page ] continued
Jeremiah James states - That he was at the Ship and Pilot
early the morning of Monday of the Riots at Newport - John Partridge
of Newport Printer came in and said " there will be such work at
Newport to day that never was before - the B------s they will be served
out to day"

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