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John Partridge

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Richd Rock [Rorke]
with a/ Pick Axe

in thousands " I proceeded up the
Cardiff Road towards Newport - in the
direction of Commercial Street -on my
way I met John Partridge who has been
committed to Prison- This was as near
as I can recollect about half past eight
Partridge was going towards the Machine
near l I stopped near Tubbs' on the
Cardiff Road to see the Chartists come
I saw an immense body of men - I ran up the Fields towards the Church I came out nearly ... at all
armed - some with Guns, some had
the top of the Lane leading to the Church- I went then
pikes, some swords, others p...
so far as Llewellin Johns - & there I staid -
I had a conversation with the Revd Mr
- I told him ^ I had seen the Chartists
^ and that they would be here in a few minutes -
As soon as the Chartists made their
appearance I jumped over a Wall into
a Garden - I could see over the Wall -
dist... [?] it is about three feet high -
I saw about a thousand men mass -
They were all around - some with Guns -
others had swords, pikes, clubs and
other similar weapons - I saw Richard
Rock [Rorke]
of Newport with the men
- he
was in the midst of them - he had
a pick-axe on his shoulders held
by his right hand - He nodded
at me as he passed- As soon as the
Chartists had passed I went at a little
way down the Hill- Stow hill- I
saw the Chartists running away-
and then returned to Commercial
- I went so far as the



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