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Richard Arnold late of Pontymister now of Blaina
Puddler States - I was at Pontymister on Sunday the night of the
3rd November last - I was at home & in bed about 9 o'Clock
- about 12 or 1 oclock I heard some strange men outside call me
by name - I did not answer - they called again & said if I did not
answer the[y] wd burst the house open - I then jump'd up & looked out
of the Window asked what they wanted - they told me they were Chartists
& that I must get up & go along with them - I told them if they were
Chartists to go about their business - I was not one & would not go with
them - I had my head out of the window - they swore if I did get up and
come down & open the door that minute they wd blow my brains out - I
asked them their intentions - they sd they were going to Newport to take Newpt
I asked them what they were going to do at Newport - they did not say but
upon this, a young man one of the party took up a large brick & burst
the door open - this man was Isaac Phillips he was a neighbour
of mine & I knew him well - I did not know the man with the Gun
(a double barrel) - They all entered the House (about 30 altogether ) &
I came down stairs partly undressed - they asked me for a Gun -
I told them I had a Gun - they asked me for a Sword - I told them
I had not one - they asked if I had Pistols or any other weapons - I
said no & if I had I did not know how to use them - they said if -
I would find them a Gun or some weapon they would use it -
they had pikes spears Guns & swords - Isaac Phillips had a
bright cleaver in his hand - They asked for Candles which I
gave them out of fear they they would do me harm - they still sd
I should go - I said I would not - they sd they wd make me -
Phillips spoke to me - but the man with the Gun whom they called
Strong skinkin spoke most - this was about 1 or half past 1 at
night - I gave them 4 candles which they took away - I do not
know to whom I gave them - Wm Price Jones a fellow workman
who had been pressed was with them - I was compelled to go
with them from Pontymister to the Welsh Oak where I should
suppose there were 2000 people armed - it must have been
then about 2 oClock - Phillips was very active & walked

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