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at Pontymister that night after 12 oClock - I work for the
Blaina & Cwm Celyn Compy - I went to my work &
saw a great many men on the floors - they said I must go
along with them - they had swords Guns & pikes along
with them - they said I must go along with them or they
would kill me - I went with them - I was then working
at Pontymister - they made me call people by their names
out of their hands houses - I know Isaac Phillips he is
the Prisoner - I have known him ever since we was
Children - we was in School together - I know Charles
house at Pontymister
- I saw the Prisoner go into
Harris' house I saw some one go after him into the
House - it was then about 12 o'Clock - he had nothing
with him going into the House - He brought a Butcher's
cleaver with him out of the House - there was a little
Girl about 9 years old in the House nursing a child about
2 months old - The mother had gone out to look for the
father - the child was crying - I said to the Prisoner
Isaac leave it there and he said damn your eyes if
you say much I will split you with it - he took the
cleaver away - I saw him next morning between
6 & 9 o'Clock in Sir Charles Morgan's Park - there
were hundreds and thousands of people there with him
they were armed with pikes & Swords - they halted in the
Park -
the Prisoner had then a Sword which was took from
our forges - they came to our forges about 1/2 past 11 or 12
o'Clock - there was a Sword in George Grippers house which
is about 30 yards from Harris' - I did not see the Prisoner
take the sword from George Grippers House - but I saw ano-r
man take it - I know the Sword - I had knowed it a twelve
Month - I had been in the house almost every day for
something or other - the Sword was about 2 1/2 feet in length
- there was a piece of brass that came to the back of the
hand - That was the Sword I saw in the Prisoner's hand

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