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Richard Arnold late of Pontymister now of Blaina
Puddler states - I was at Pontymister on Sunday the night of the
3d November last - I was at home and in bed about 9 o'Clock - about
12 or 1 o'Clock I heard some strange men outside call me by name - I
did not answer - they called again and said if I did not answer they
would burst the house open - I then jumped up and looked out of the
window asked what they wanted they told me they were chartists and that
I must get up and go along with them - I told them if they were Chartists
to go about their business I was not one and would not go with them - I had my
head out of the window they swore if I did not get up and come down and open
the door that minute they would blow my brains out - I asked them their intentions
they said they were going to Newport to take Newport - I asked them what they were
going to do at Newport they did not say but upon this a young man one of the party took up a
large brick and burst the door open - this man was Isaac Phillips he was a neighbour
of mine and I knew him well - I did not know the man with the Gun (a double
barrel) - They all entered the House ( about 30 altogether and I came down stairs
partly undressed - they asked me for a Gun - I told them I had no Gun - they asked
me for a sword - I told them I had not one, they asked if I had pistols or any other
weapons I said no and if I had I did not know how to use them - they said if I
would find them a Gun or some weapon they would use it - they had pikes spears
Guns and Swords - Isaac Phillips had a bright cleaver in his hand - They
asked for candles which I gave them out of fear that they would do me harm

They still said I should go - I said I would not - they said they would make me
Phillips spoke to me but the man with the Gun whom they called Strong
spoke most this was about 1 or half past one at night - I gave
them 4 candles which they took away - I do not know to whom I gave them -
William Price Jones a fellow workman who had been pressed was with them - I was
compelled to go with them from Pontymister to the Welsh Oak where I should suppose there were
2000 people armed - it must have been then about 2 o'Clock - Phillips was very active & walked
along side of me with a man who had a Gun and another with a spear to guard me - I tried
to find out who the man with the Gun was but failed - he used me badly - I remained
at theWelsh Oak half an hour & tried to get away but was stopped by others coming up - I however got
away & went home - I am certain I would not have given them the candles but from fear of
being injured by them and getting them away - They spoke about the
Charter and said if any man was at home and could not show his card
after they returned from Newport that they would destroy them like
killing Toads - The men were strangers to me except Price
and Phillips - I asked them how they intended to act
after they had taken Newport - they said they should do the same

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