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they halted in the Park - the prisoner had then
a Sword which was took from our Forge - they came
to our Forge about half past 11 or 12 o`clock - there
was a Sword in George Gripper's house which is about
30 yards from Harris`s - I did not see the prisoner
take the Sword from George Gripper's house - but I
saw another man take it - I know the Sword - I had
knowed it nearly a Twelvemonth - I had been in the
house almost every day for something or other - the
Sword was about 2½ feet in length - there was a
piece of brass that came to the back of the hand
That was the Sword I saw in the Prisoner's hand
in the park - I asked him what he had done with
the cleaver - he said oh! damn it I don't know
I came along with them about 50 yards below Stow
- I tried to run away several times but I
could not the people hindered me many times - the
people that came down through the park went up
to Stow Hill - I don't know Zephaniah Williams -
I heard his name mentioned several times that night
I don`t know John Frost - I heard he was there
his name was mentioned several times - I don`t know
Jones the Watchmaker - When we came down to
Stow Church I turned back and across the fields
towards home as fast as I could - I have not seen
the prisoner since I saw him in the park until to
day - Sunday night was a very dark and wet
night the following morning was very fine - it
rained till about 2 o'clock in the morning - the
Cleaver was a bright one -
_______________________William Jones



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