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I told them I had not they asked if I had
Pistols or any other weapons I said
No & if had I did not know
how to rise them. They said for
__if I would
me to^ find them a gun or some
weapon they would use it they
had Pikes Spears guns & swords
One Isaac Phillips had a bright
cleaver in his Hand they asked
for candles which I gave them
out of fear that they would
do me harm. They still said
I should go I said I wod not they
_____they would
said ^make me. Phillips spoke
to me but the man with the Gun
whom they called Shony Shenkin
spoke next this was about 1 or half
past 1 at night I gave them 4
candles which they took away
I do not know to whom I gave
them. William Price Jones
a fellow Workman who had been
pressed was with them. I was
compelled to go with them from
Pontymister to the Welsh Oak
where I should suppose there
were 2000 people armed - it
must ^ been then about 2 O'clock.Phillips
was very active and walked along
side of me with a Man with a
Gun and another with a Spear to
guard me I tried to find out



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