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but failed - He used me badly
I remained at the Welsh Oak
half an hour & tried to get away
but was stop.d by others coming
up. I however got away &
went home. I am certain I
would not have given them
the candles but from fear
of being injured by them & getting
them away. They spoke about the
Charter and said if any man
was at home and could not
shew his card after they returned
from Newport -That they wd
destroy them like killing Toads
The men were strangers to me
except Price Jones and Phillips
I asked them how they intended to act
after they had taken Newport they
said they should do the same as
the others that I was bound to get
a weapon and go with them but
I did not take anything he
told me that Frost that would
be down at the Welsh Oak
with 30 or 40,000 Men. I heard
someone speaking there whom
they said was Frost. They told



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