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Rega v Issac Phillips - or Williams

Charles Harris Blacksmith working for Messrs
Russell and Brown
at Pontymister- live in a whole house
belonging to the Company - there - in Risca x Parish -
There was something broke in the Works & I was
therefore at work on Sunday the 3rd before the Riots
Between 11 & 12 on that night. I heard a number
______________________doors of the
of people knocking at the ^ other workmen's houses
& I went out with my Wife and John Thomas's Wife
and hid behind another man an old tram - The Mob
very soon after entered my house - I cut across the
brook & hid in an old Brick yard & afterwards hid
in the Wood till 9 the next morning - When I
returned in the morning I found a cleaver was
gone - I am quite sure it was in my house when
_ Somebody told me (Wm Ben) that the Prisr had taken the cleaver
______& I told his mother so
I left - ^ the Mother of the Prisr Isaac Williams
or Phillips
Phillips on the Wednesday or Thursday after
the riots asked & me if I could swear to the man
I said I could not - She said How could you say
then that he took the cleaver I said Wm Ben told
me he could swear it - She went up to Wm Bens &
bring him to me with her & he said before her face he
would swear to to the man - I believe my Wife
afterwards took 5/- from

[in left margin agst lines 3-4]
or Machen Parish
& one T Watts
[?Thos Watts]




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