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The Queen agst Edward Edmund Edmunds

Israel Furmen sworn states I have
followed Doctering for Years - I live at Gelly groes on
Sunday the 3rd Novr instant I was at home in my
own house - On Sunday afternoon I was at home -
I did not leave my house that Evening until I was
called I then left my House - during that night and
after 12 o Clock I went to a Place called The Welsh
- there was some hundreds with me - there was
some from the Greyhound - some from Blackwood
some from Tredegar and some from the Hills who
they call the the Blainers - they said they were coming
to Newport they were Armed some with Muskets some
with Pikes, I saw Hay forks of some of them - Swords
Cleavers - Reap Hooks - I observed one Reap Hook in
particular several of them had pistols some had Mandrels
and Mandrel Handles which they got at the Bridge
I know Edward Edmunds of the the Greyhound he was
there he was Armed I can't say whether he had
a Musket or a Sword I cannot say Punctually
he was in the front with Mr Frost I saw him do no
more than I heard him say "come men come on"
the men did come on - I went on with them as far
as Sir Charles Morgans Park When I came there
I saw Edward Edmunds - I ran along the Path
and went towards Mr Williams' at the Weighing
the prisoner appears like Edward Edmunds
his face if he had the same Clothes on that he
had then I should know him better - it is him -
I am sorry for him - he was there that is the truth
I must never shew my face in that Country again
he was walking by Mr Frost in Front when I saw
him in Sir Charles Morgans Park - He had

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