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in his hand - he had no more conversation with him than
bidding him the time of day - He gave the word of command
for I heard him say "come men come on" there was 3 or 4
gave the word of command - I was close by him when he gave
the word of command - I did not hear him give the word
of command again till he came to the tramroad at the
I was then about 20 Yards from him it was
daylight - I was pushing thro' the men to get into the Waterloo
I did not then take any notice of what he had in his hand
near the 3 Horse Shoes - there was a Young Gentleman standing
by the Prisoner - I took him to be Young Mr Davies of the

By the Prisoner - I saw the prisoner first when he came up to the
Welsh Oak
- I saw him the second time at the Three Horse
- I did not then notice what he had in his hand but
I took notice of the Clothes he had on - I asked him can we
have nothing to drink here - At the three Horse Shoes there
was a Young Gentleman standing by his side when I went
in at the Door before I came out the Mob where all gone
before the prisoner went away first You went in first before
I came out, I did not see him afterwards until I saw him
in at the Waterloo on the tram road - I saw him at the
by the Turnpike Gate After Mr Frost he repeated the

Words "After the Captain" Make room for the Musket
men to come forwards, Mr Frost stood near him at the
the Captain also stood near him
__________________________ Israel Furman

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