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Catherine Charles sworn states - I live at the
Welsh Oak
I am the daughter of Henry Charles
who Keeps the Welsh Oak I remember Sunday the
3rd November instant - I went to Chapel that Evening
I returned about half past 9 After my return three
persons came in, in about three Quarters of an Hour I
believe they staid there till morning Some other men
came in afterwards I did not know either of them I
did not see those men do anything shortly after they came
into the House I did not hear them say anything
particular only ask for Beer I went down into the Cellar
directly after they came in - One person said there were
lights coming down the Tram Road I dont know who he
was he was a tall person dressed in Light Clothes he was one
of the three persons that came into the House we were both
out by the door when we made that observation shortly
after some persons came into the House - the House was full
I should suppose there were 300 or 400 inside and outside
the house they were armed some had pikes some had spears
some had swords some had Guns others had Mandrels,
Mandrel Handles - I did not see any Pistols it was about
10 minutes to 12 when I saw them there I know Edward
he is the son of William Edmunds of the Greyhound
he was there
- I have known him about 8 Years I can see
him in this Room here he his he was ordering the people
out of the Room
when I saw him he had nothing in his
hands - the people went out when he ordered them - I
was in the room about two minutes before he went out - it
was about 7 o Clock in the morning I did not see him till
the morning then it was that he was ordering the men
out the men went out and he went out with them
I did
not hear them say where they were going - Some went
down the Turnpike road and some went down the tramroad
towards Newport
The prisoner went with them - I saw
no more of him the turnpike road and tram road join
and our house our House faces towards Risca it has been



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