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Mary Charles sworn states I am the daughter of
Henry Charles who Keeps the Welsh Oak Beer House on the
Evening of Sunday the 3rd November I was at home
I remember between 9 & 10 o Clock that Evening two men
coming to our House - When they came in they called
for a pint of Beer other men 3 of them came in in the course
of half or three quarters of an hour afterwards, it was very wet
then - the three men called for a pint of Beer they took off
their Coats and dried themselves - I cant say that I heard any
thing said about lights coming down the Tram Road - but one
of the three went out of the door and looked - I cant say
I heard him say anything but they were wishing one to the
other - the House was filled up Unawares to us it was
hardly half an hour after the three men came in those men
were armed some with Guns some with Swords some with
pikes Mandrels and a number of Spears I saw some
Cleavers and priming rods And several things that I
knew nothing of I saw no pistols it was about 11 o Clock
when the house filled up and they parted about 7 in the
morning I heard them speaking to one another they were
going to Newport - they said that they were going to take down the poor
I heard one person say there was only 60 Soldiers
in the Town he appeared as if he had just come from the
he appeared to me to be about 30 Years old there were
three or four of them together they appeared to be like
Nailers I heard them say Newport would not be worth
anything in a day or two
- I could not hear them say where
they should begin first when the// got to Newport I dont
know Edward Edmunds the son of William Edmunds
of the Greyhound I dont think I should know him
If I was to see him I believe he has been to our House
once or twice My Sister Catherine* and My Mother were
at home that night My father was at home he was
gone to Bed, My Brother was at Home - My sister and
my Mother went down into the Cellar very soon after
the men came in I went into A Small Room

[*Catherine Charles]

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