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upstairs I know the person they call Furman they
call him a Quack Doctor and Old Conjuror and a fortune
teller he was there
- I mean to say as I dont know
Edward Edmunds the son of William Edmunds of the
I am sure I dont know him If I was
to see him I cant say as I have ever seen the prisoner
before and swear to it - I am sure I cant say as he is
the son of William Edmunds - I saw Edward Edmunds
once pass our House I am sure of that My sister then
told me so - the men went away at 7 in the Morning
I cant say which way they went for I was in the Cellar
I did not see any weapons in Furman's Hands but he
asked me for a fork to turn his pistols with - I did not give
him a fork
- I believe my Brother Henry Charles is here
__________________Mary Charles

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